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Welcome to Project X Photography

We are a team of Aviation Photographers available for hire. Be it individual shoots, articles, or marketing campaigns. With both Airside & Landside access available across a variety of airports in the UK we offer a unique experience in our photography.

All of our work is conducted in a professional manor and we use only the very best equipment and software on the market. We take your privacy very seriously here. Images will not be published without full consent of the client concerned. We work closely with both Publishers and Private Clients alike for the entire duration of the photoshoot 'before, during & after'. 

Collectively we have over two decades of experience at a high level of photography. Project X has been active for over 4 years now and we very much look forward to what the future holds for both ourselves and our clients.

All images on this website are available for Purchases & Publications. Copyrights are belonging of Project X Photography & the Individual Photographer named within the image description. All of our images supplied are a  minimum of 2900 pixels & range up to 4000 pixels in a standard 3:2 configuration. With the exception of our 'Classics' Album.

Best Regards

The Project X Team

Danny Nixon | Manchester, England (Founder/Owner)
Simon Clough | Manchester, England
Paul Harvey | Belfast, Northern Ireland
Paul Chalmers | Aberdeen, Scotland
Paul Kenneth Ferry | Guilsborough, England
Paul Daly | Cork, Ireland
Rui Sousa | Madeira, Portugal 
Adam Ryan | Dublin, Ireland

Diane Elizabeth Jones | Manchester, England (Project X Academy)


Key Publishing - Airports of the World
Key Publishing - Airliner World
Key Publishing - Aviation News
Midlands Air Ambulance

Roster & Planned Shoots

ABERDEEN - 4 days documenting the Airport and Operators (Completed)

2019 (Sep) - Dublin Day Trip 
2019 (Nov) - Arrecife 3 Nights
2019 (Oct) - Aberdeen 1 Night (Heli Shoot)
2020 (Feb) - Cork 1 Night
2020 - Air to Air Turboprop Photoshoot 
2020 - Madeira 4 Nights
2020 - Warsaw 2 day trip


If you are interested in learning more about us or perhaps wish to join our growing team then please feel free to get in touch with us. No matter where you are on the Globe, we always have time for you. If you are passionate about Aviation and dedicated to helping improve your work and that of others then you may well just be what we are looking for in a team member.


Without the people who have generously supported us over the years and related to our passion for aviation we wouldn't be here today. Through donations and purchases alike we Thank You! We hope we are the 'go to' name for your images for years to come.

Project X Photography


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